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      My training objective is to help clients increase understanding of the importance of strength training; improve self-esteem of adults through the promotion of general exercise; and, educate adults regarding appropriate dietary adjustments in order to improve health and well-being. I am a published author and past body builder.

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JoshpoolJosh Seiler // With diverse experience in physical therapy, power lifting, bodyweight training and military training Josh has a library of knowledge to share. As the owner of Final Move Fitness his company looks to teach clients what it means to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Health, power and vitality are offered to those who are ready to accept them. Josh is honored to partner with Form Personal Training. Health is everything.

Contact Josh at 720-519-3866 or moc.l1508376900iamg@1508376900ssent1508376900ifevo1508376900mlani1508376900f1508376900 to schedule.


Billy LaGreca // Through many years of sports specific training, Billy’s goal is to now teach others how to live a happy, healthy lifestyle and to do whatever it takes to help clients’ achieve their goals. He provides a friendly and outgoing atmosphere and utilizes a training system that integrates strength, conditioning and corrective exercises. In 2011 he captained his team to a Men’s Soccer National Championship and has since continued his pursuit of fitness as an Ironman Athlete. Final Move Fitness is proud to have Billy on their team. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Contact Josh at 720-519-3866 or moc.l1508376900iamg@1508376900ssent1508376900ifevo1508376900mlani1508376900f1508376900 to schedule.

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