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      I can help you find the joy in physical activity and the sense of achievement that an active lifestyle can bring into your life. My greatest strength lies in being creative and innovative while adapting the workout to your needs and limitations.

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Thanks to Joe!

Joe distinguishes between fitness level and athletic pursuit, but easily offers appropriate guidance for every fitness level or the serious athlete. I asked Joe to help me bring more structure to my actual lifestyle so that I could more regularly enjoy biking, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and snowboarding throughout the year. The challenge I faced was an unpredictable travel schedule for work and the goal I wanted was to create a weight training schedule. Thanks to Joe, I know exactly what cardiovascular and strength conditioning exercises to do when I travel. I also have a focused weight training routine for when I have gym access. Coworkers, family, and friends are complimentary of the results, and I’m happy to feel healthy, fit, and active.

—Mike D., businessman & athlete

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