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      With diverse experience in physical therapy, power lifting, bodyweight training and military training Josh has a library of knowledge to share. His company looks to teach clients what it means to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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My favorite thing about Joe is that he truly listens.

I started working with Joe about four months after I had my baby girl last year. While I had lost most of my baby weight, I wasn’t back in pre-baby shape and was looking for some useful tips. My favorite thing about Joe is that he truly listens. He listed to where I wanted to change my body, how I wanted to improve my fitness level, and how much time I had as a new mom to devote to working out. Another very beneficial aspect of Joe is that he tailors not just a workout plan, but a holistic fitness plan that includes physical fitness, mental/emotional wellness, and personalized nutritional goals. Following Joe’s advice, I began to see my desired results immediately, which was very exciting. I think it is inevitable to encounter challenges along the way but Joe was always there for me – offering motivation, encouragement, and support. I have been working out for a number of years but what I learned from Joe gave me a whole new perspective on being active and living a healthy life. I honestly believe that working with Joe is one of the best investments in yourself that you can make, and I highly recommend him to the person who is just beginning to workout, or the person who would like to take their current fitness to the next level.

—Laura B., new mom

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