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      Pam has a degree in Human Performance, Sports and Leisure/Kinesiology from Metropolitan State College of Denver. She has over 18 years of Personal Training and Fitness Instruction experience.

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I would highly recommend Joe to anyone….

I’ve been using Joe as a personal trainer for a few weeks now, with a goal to gain muscle mass. One thing I noticed right away about Joe’s style is that he is very organized and prepared for each session. He is a great listener, which is important because every client presents with different goals that they want to achieve. He is very diligent about designing an appropriate workout each week that works my muscles to exhaustion in a way that is balanced. He pays close attention to form and capacity/load as he coaches you through each exercise set. By the end of each session I feel like my muscles have received a thorough workout. As a medical professional, I was also taken by his knowledge about the anatomy of the body, and how each muscle comes into play with each exercise he has scripted. In addition, I’m also on a specific protein/carb/fat intake plan, calculated by Joe that will give me the amount of calories I need to bulk-up and grow muscle tissue effectively. For me, Joe was the intelligent choice to make when I decided to look into hiring a personal trainer after working out on my own for 15 years. I am a very satisfied client and would highly recommend Joe to anyone who is serious about their fitness goals.

—Matthew C., medical professional

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