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Born in Peru, my love of sports came at a very early age. In High School, I
was a member of the rowing team. When I graduated, I was awarded a medal “
best athlete” that year.

From 2008 to 2012, I studied Architecture and Journalism. I got my first
fiction novel published in 2012. At the same time, my sports discipline
continued growing. Lifting weights, strength training and hypertrophy
workouts became part of my daily routine.

In 2013 I moved to Denver and decided to focus my studies on fitness and
nutrition. I got certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine
(NASM) and by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) as a
Personal Trainer. A few months later, I completed my specializations as a
Weight Loss Specialist by NASM, Senior Specialist by NASM, TRX Suspension
Training Instructor and Steps Aerobic instructor by ACE.

I’m very proud about  my studies and accomplishments but also from my
experiences. I have been able to train people with different medical
conditions. I had also perform small group training classes and have been
able to be part of great success stories in which goals were achieved.

What I love the most from my career?  Well, the experience of sharing
others goals. Like the goal of this young lady who decided to become a
firefighter.  I have had  the honor of training her and witnessing her pass
the CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test). Or the complete change of
lifestyle of a fifty year old women who one day decided to lose 175 pounds,
stop smoking, eat healthier, to hopefully be around to see her grand kids

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