Form Denver | Jim Damron
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Jim Damron

Jim Damron is a Personal Trainer certified by The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas. He is also the owner and manager of Form Personal Training.

“Fitness is not only something that I to teach my clients, but a lifestyle I live and enjoy sharing daily. If your goal is to look great in a little black dress, to train for sports or an event, or to learn how to make your work-out more effective, interesting and fun—I’m there with you every step of the way. On the way to your achieving your goal, I’ll coach you in some of the latest methods as well as share some of the tried and true techniques from the bag of tricks I’ve developed over my 15 years in the fitness business.

We will set long and short term goals—achieved through a customized program of strength training, circuit routines, cardio, and core work, designed to progressively improve your strength, flexibility, cardio stamina, and overall fitness. And let’s face it: reaching your goal is work, but I pride myself on making it fun. You won’t be counting the seconds until the session is over. No matter where you start or what your goals are, together we will have a great time reaching them.”

Contact Jim at 303.668.6598 or