Form Denver | ROB LEKAN
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  • 11 Years Personal Training
  • Certified through NASM
  • Level 2 NKT certified
  • Massage Licensed

Rob has spent the last 11 years working on growing his knowledge base and helping to translate that in to fun, informative, and goal based sessions and expanding the definition of health for his clients.
Incorporating his work with NeuroKinetic Therapy and Asian bodywork, Rob helps his clients feel better, so they can do better by setting a foundation based on solid movements through breathing, form and focus.
Rob works to get his clients to be more aware of their body, more present in their space so they become empowered to take their workouts beyond their sessions.
Getting the body stronger and healthier isn’t just about how much you can lift, it is about owning the movement and letting your body do what it needs to do: move and function well.
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