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I would highly recommend Joe to anyone….

I’ve been using Joe as a personal trainer for a few weeks now, with a goal to gain muscle mass. One thing I noticed right away about Joe’s style is that he is very organized and prepared for each session. He is a great listener, which is important because every client presents with different goals that they want to achieve. He is very diligent about designing an appropriate workout each week that works my muscles to exhaustion in a way that is balanced. He pays close attention to form and capacity/load as he coaches you through each exercise set. By the end of each session I feel like my muscles have received a thorough workout. As a medical professional, I was also taken by his knowledge about the anatomy of the body, and how each muscle comes into play with each exercise he has scripted. In addition, I’m also on a specific protein/carb/fat intake plan, calculated by Joe that will give me the amount of calories I need to bulk-up and grow muscle tissue effectively. For me, Joe was the intelligent choice to make when I decided to look into hiring a personal trainer after working out on my own for 15 years. I am a very satisfied client and would highly recommend Joe to anyone who is serious about their fitness goals.

—Matthew C., medical professional

who says a mom can’t have a six pack? Thanks Jim!

I am getting stronger each week. Who says a mom can’t have a six pack? Jim rocks!

—Amy K., working mom-zilla

I feel healthier than I have in 20 years!

I have gone from size 16 to size 8 and weigh less than I did 35 years ago! I had so much hip, knee and back pain that I had trouble sleeping. Now I am pain-free and feel healthier than I have in 20 years!

—Susan P., Realtor

My favorite thing about Joe is that he truly listens.

I started working with Joe about four months after I had my baby girl last year. While I had lost most of my baby weight, I wasn’t back in pre-baby shape and was looking for some useful tips. My favorite thing about Joe is that he truly listens. He listed to where I wanted to change my body, how I wanted to improve my fitness level, and how much time I had as a new mom to devote to working out. Another very beneficial aspect of Joe is that he tailors not just a workout plan, but a holistic fitness plan that includes physical fitness, mental/emotional wellness, and personalized nutritional goals. Following Joe’s advice, I began to see my desired results immediately, which was very exciting. I think it is inevitable to encounter challenges along the way but Joe was always there for me – offering motivation, encouragement, and support. I have been working out for a number of years but what I learned from Joe gave me a whole new perspective on being active and living a healthy life. I honestly believe that working with Joe is one of the best investments in yourself that you can make, and I highly recommend him to the person who is just beginning to workout, or the person who would like to take their current fitness to the next level.

—Laura B., new mom

Thanks to Joe!

Joe distinguishes between fitness level and athletic pursuit, but easily offers appropriate guidance for every fitness level or the serious athlete. I asked Joe to help me bring more structure to my actual lifestyle so that I could more regularly enjoy biking, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and snowboarding throughout the year. The challenge I faced was an unpredictable travel schedule for work and the goal I wanted was to create a weight training schedule. Thanks to Joe, I know exactly what cardiovascular and strength conditioning exercises to do when I travel. I also have a focused weight training routine for when I have gym access. Coworkers, family, and friends are complimentary of the results, and I’m happy to feel healthy, fit, and active.

—Mike D., businessman & athlete

…a great level of fitness and health.

I have trained regularly with Pam Hopkins since August 2005. She is thoughtful, innovative and always a pleasure to be around. With Pam’s help, I have successfully lost (and kept off) 70 pounds and now maintain a great level of fitness and health.

—Amy L., Lawyer and avid cyclist

a very pleasant environment for working out!

Pam Hopkins has been my trainer for 10 years. She is an outstanding weight trainer; she is dependable, patient and fun to work out with. I give her the highest recommendation possible. One added plus: The space where she trains is new, clean, with lots of windows and light—a very pleasant environment for working out!

—Patricia M., Mother, Grandmother, Tango Dancer

…passionate about fitness

I first trained with Jim more than a decade ago, and I was hooked. As a mom with a demanding job, Jim’s approach to achieving long-term results using his expertise in training methods has kept me strong, energetic and healthy. He is passionate about fitness and committed to making training challenging and enjoyable.

—Susie, devoted mom, wife, director, and foodie

…tailors the workout to your goals…

I have been training with Deb since October of last year. She has helped me to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. She tailors the workout to be the most beneficial to your abilities and goals. I was seeing her at personal sessions for 7 months and am now attending her new boot camp once a week which is awesome!! I truly credit her for my weight loss success.

—Renee M., white-collar superstar

I have more confidence in what I can do

I needed some motivation and guidance when it came to working out and Deb has provided that and so much more. I’ve gotten stronger and have more confidence in what I can do physically since she became my personal trainer. She certainly gets my recommendation.

—Kathleen C., busy business owner

…a rewarding experience with deb…

My wife and I have had a rewarding experience with Deb for the past four months. Deb has utilized her expertise to help us become functionally fit. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

—Gary & Connie V., social butterflies

Deb is an excellent trainer!

Deb is an excellent trainer! Our workouts are fun, challenging, and she encourages me to make progress without giving me more than I can handle. Deb has been able to accommodate my injury prone shoulder while training my upper body and tailors my workouts to my specific needs.

—Sally H., working mom

I would not be the woman I am today…

Pam Hopkins and the entire family at FORM have been a consistent source of inspiration and support to me on my weight loss journey. I have learned from Pam that weight loss and health is a journey and a life style; not a magic pill or a miracle cure. She has taught me to be patient and love myself. Through her amazing workouts and the wonderful environment of FORM my life has been changed for the better. I have been working with Pam for the last 4 years and I would not be the woman I am today without her. I have not only gained my health and life back, but a life time friend as well—and that is priceless. Thank you to Pam and the family at FORM!

—Taylor G., college student and avid outdoors woman

I was finally able to get into…

I want to thank you for all you have done for me…I was finally able to get into my “periwinkle dress”. This is awesome. It is all due to the type of training you have done with me. Thank you so much.

—Elna S., harried working mother and wife

Sara’s good at what she does

You won’t be disappointed with Sara, she’s good at what she does and really a top notch person to boot.

—B. Schneider, busy boss and father

one of the best things…

Sara is excellent. I’ve been her client for 1.5 years now and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

—Bill S., High level Executive

it reduces my stress level

I look forward to each workout at Form because it reduces my stress level. And my wife can attest to that!

—Scott B., work-a-holic

a luxury I could never live without

Training with Jim Damron has made me a better person both on the outside AND inside. I have trained with Jimmy for over 5 years and know that he is a luxury I could never live without. Jim is a wonderful trainer and I love having him in my life.

—Jamie W., advanced weekend warrior